My love for painting faces began the day I received my first coloring kit, long before I had started school. I was always fascinated by beautifully painted red lips, perfectly drawn brows, and long dark lashes and spent many hours during my school years developing my drawing and painting skills of the female face. I had never connected applying makeup with painting and drawing on paper or canvas until my wedding day when I watched my talented makeup artist working her magic with brushes and color palettes. Shading and blending just like I would do with any of my paintings. I was so inspired by the transformation that I immediately booked lessons with her and my infatuation with makeup was born. Although I works full time as the CEO of Sophie’s Closet (where I get all my rare and pretty jewels!) my obsession for discovering new beauty products and playing with different colors and looks is an integral part of my day that I love to share here and on my Instagram account Sophie Loves Her Makeup